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Mosquito Control in St. Cloud, MN

With only a few months to enjoy being outside in the sun and under the stars at night, Mosquito Squad provides the most effective mosquito control protection with an 80-85% decrease in your yard’s mosquito population and remains effective for 14-21 days. The most popular mosquito control service is our barrier spray. Our licensed technicians treat areas of your property that will eliminate adult mosquitoes and leave a long lasting continuous protection. Not only will Mosquito Squad help control mosquitoes with the barrier spray, it will also effectively control adult ticks, killing them on contact.

How Barrier Spray’s Work

Our licensed technicians treat the areas where adult mosquitoes and ticks breed. We target shrubbery and foliage (avoiding flowers), around and underneath decks and patios, fences, tall grass and low hanging vegetation. The barrier spray not only kills mosquitoes on contact, but it eliminates mosquitoes that go to feed and rest with a residual spray. The Mosquito Squad barrier spray is 80-85% effective, meaning you might still get a few wandering mosquitoes that haven’t been resting or feeding on the treated surface. But have no fear that the mosquito population on your property will be greatly decreased.

Two Barrier Spray Options Offered

Traditional Barrier Spray
With the Traditional Barrier Spray, our technicians will treat your property every 21 days throughout the season to provide you with long lasting mosquito control.

Platinum Barrier Spray
The Platinum Barrier Spray is the ultimate mosquito control for your property, offering treatment every 14 days so you experience the most effective mosquito control. This spray is great if for families that are very active in their yard and enjoy as much of their outdoor space that they can get!

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